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Wi-Fi is an essential new tool for retailers and other small and medium business. In this blog post Tanaza provides you with 4 suggestions on how to speed up the Wi-Fi connection in your store.

Wi-Fi is an essential new tool for retailers and other small and medium business. In this blog post Tanaza provides you with 4 suggestions on how to speed up the Wi-Fi connection in your store.

Because a fast and reliable WiFi connection = happy customers.

1) Choose the channel and channel width

A channel is a frequency that communicates through the Wi-Fi router that can influence the maximum speed of a network, the channel can have a width of either 20 MHz or 40MHz.

To improve the performance of the chosen channel, it is best to choose one that is free from other WiFi access points and other sources of interference, such as reduced range, sudden drops in transfer speeds, the wireless signal dropping out.

See below for more information…

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2) Place the router in the ideal location

  • Follow the instructions (Tanaza’s APs are ceiling mountable, outdoor, indoor, etc. )
  • Think of a high and centered location for your router. If your router has antennas and you need it to transmit a signal through a wall, position the antennas in a right angle pointing towards the wall. When a signal travels through walls, the speed of the connection can slow down as a result of the antennas not being positioned in a right angle.
  • WiFi greatest foes are water and windows. Nearby pipes and plants (whose leaves contain water) can weaken the WiFi signal. Reflecting surfaces can cause a signal to bounce at odd angles.
  • Move away electronic devices. All devices can generate an electromagnetic signal – microwaves, TVs, wireless cellphones – or have a motor that can interfere with the signal of the router.

3) Protect your router

Prevent access to your router by enabling a password for extra security. This will limit the number of devices that can access your network and protect your connection from people connecting to a network without authorization – use the Tanaza captive portal or the WPA2 password.

4) Site survey

With tools such as CloudCheck, Wi-Fi Analytics Tool, Speedtest and Speedy, it is possible to map the intensity of the WiFi signal throughout your house to help you determine the best location to position your router.

See Tanaza’s complete list of WiFi stumblers. 


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