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4 Wi-Fi cloud-based services you should offer to SMEs

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Wi-Fi cloud-based services for SMEs

Let’s find out in this post the main 4 Wi-Fi cloud-based services MSPs should provide SMEs with, in order to add value to their offering.

Nowadays, more and more small and medium-sized companies rely on cloud-based services to grow their Wi-Fi businesses and improve their productivity. According to the Worldwide Semiannual Public Cloud Services Spending Guide from International Data Corporation (IDC), the overall spending on public cloud services will grow from $70 billion in 2015 to $141 billion in 2019 at worldwide level. Specifically, from a company size point of view, SMBs counting less than 500 employees will count for more than 40% of the total expenditure. Accordingly, MSPs should leverage cloud computing to offer valuable cloud-based services to their customers.

In parallel to the overall growth of the cloud computing market, we’ve seen that an increasing number of manufacturers and software companies in the Wi-Fi space has started delivering cloud-based services to manage and monitor Wi-Fi networks, replacing hardware controllers with virtual cloud-based network controllers.

Here is a list of 4 much-sought Wi-Fi cloud-based services in the small and midsize markets, which MSPs should offer to add value to their services.


1. Cloud-based Wi-Fi zero-touch deployment


Small and medium size companies can gain greater flexibility from managing their Wi-Fi networks on the cloud, as they can run their businesses from anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, thanks to remote management enterprises do not have to take total control over the infrastructure anymore, which allows them to dedicate more time to other activities. Accordingly, you should provide a service able to make things easier both for you and your customers: the Wi-Fi cloud-based management offered by Tanaza, for instance, ensures 100% remote deployment, configuration, firmware upgrade and troubleshooting. In this way, you won’t have to go on site to reboot a broken access point, and you will be able to configure all aspects of your clients’ networks directly from the Tanaza Cloud Dashboard: this will save a lot of time for both of you!  


2. Wi-Fi cloud-based monitoring


Cloud-based monitoring is a very useful service to offer, as it allows companies to save time and easily monitor their deployments located in one or more places worldwide. MSPs can rely on Tanaza, the easy-to-use and affordable cloud-based software for remotely monitoring small or large networks of access points, in real time. Furthermore, it gives the possibility to set up customizable instant alerts, i.e. through emails or SMS, if the system is experiencing issues, such as capacity overloads or faults.


3. Wi-Fi cloud-based content filtering and malware protection


The possibility for companies to filter web content based on their business needs is a must-have service. Through a cloud-based filtering solution, network administrators can block certain content, i.e. pornography and other distasteful or illegal websites, on the basis of a set of different categories. In this way, users can access only a selected range of domains while navigating online. Tanaza provides and effective and easy-to-use web content filtering system, which allows hotspot providers to check online content and effectively secure public Wi-Fi hotspots from very common cyber threats, such as malware and botnets.


4. Cloud-based Wi-Fi analytics


Your customers collect a broad range of useful data when users authenticate before accessing their Wi-Fi networks and want to leverage it to enhance their competitive advantage. Accordingly, it is smart to offer them the opportunity to collect this information and analyze it for their statistics and marketing purposes. Thanks to Tanaza, you can provide your customers with the right solution: a multi-tenant cloud-based platform for Wi-Fi users’ data analytics. The network admin can see different data stored on the user-friendly Tanaza Dashboard, i.e. the number of sessions, the number of new and returning users, and the number of Likes collected through Wi-Fi. Also, Tanaza allows filtering and segmenting data according to a variety of parameters, such as age range, gender, location and login flow. 


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