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Wi-Fi location technology installation grew by 400% YoY in 2015 within the retail market.

Wi-Fi location technology installation grew by 400% YoY in 2015 within the retail market. - Wi-Fi for retail spacesThe spur of the 400% growth in the Wi-Fi indoor analytics installations in 2015 within the retail market was mostly thanks to the new pricing models offered by wireless hardware vendors, and the highly competitive features developed by Wi-Fi companies.

Formerly, prior versions of Wi-Fi location platforms were not ideal for customer engagement within the retail market. So, to maximize their engagement and analytics capabilities, many companies have opted to combine Wi-Fi, iBeacon technology (to locate and track customer) and third-party marketing tools, such as MailChimp. By integrating Wi-Fi and iBeacon technology, and using the variety of marketing tools available, retailers can market their products and services creating hyper-contextual advertising to target their customers while they are connected to the Wi-Fi.

While Wi-Fi gives retailers the unique opportunity to get to know their customers and engage with them during and after their visit to their location, the real challenge for retailers is to stay up to date with their Indoor Analytics installation technology. To ensure that the 400% YoY growth in Wi-Fi location analytics within retail continues, following the 2015 trend, multiple Wi-Fi based rollouts are planned. In the last two years, the customer base of Wi-Fi analytics companies has grown and it is now expanding to industries, including restauration, education, and hospitality.

Cloud-based softwares allow retailers to leverage marketing related Wi-Fi services.

With Tanaza, retailers can export information to marketing platforms or external databases to promote their location using customized newsletters, social re-targeting or SMS.


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