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Marketing agencies are exploring Wi-Fi as the new channel for advertising and lead generation.

With Wi-Fi advertising, it’s easy to target a profitable niche of users with customized advertisements and promotions, based on historical and real-time data of the network.


Here are the 5 main advantages of using Wi-Fi advertising: 


1. Specializing vs generalizing

Thanks to Wi-Fi advertising, you can target very specifically a niche of users with personalized messages. You have no competitors and you can focus of what really matters for your users.

No more generic adv on horizontal websites that are not relevant to your target.


2. Better reputation

Customers are not annoyed by your advertising. They willingly share your offers, like your Facebook page, check-in at your place.


3. Sending relevant messages to the right audience, in the right location, at the right moment

Your adv targets the right audience, in the right place, at the right time:

  • in-store promotions: target your customers while they are in your store and they are ready to buy
  • birthday offers: trigger messages with special offerts to users in your database on their birthdays
  • real-time adv, during events: change your image adv or your video adv during events


4. Identify trends before your competitors

Try different ads, check the results of your campaigns, and identify trends before your competitors thanks to Wi-Fi data.

If a new segment of users is growing, target your ads to them.

You will capitalize new opportunities before your competitors!


5. Build relationships and loyalty

Wi-Fi data shows how many new and returning customers and visitors you have. Target them with personalized ads and engage them with customized email to make them come back and buy more.