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5 crucial on-board Wi-Fi hotspots features for taxis

by | May 31, 2017 | All articles, Cloud Management | 0 comments

5 crucial on-board Wi-Fi hotspots features for taxis

Free Wi-Fi is increasingly impacting the taxi industry, which registers a growing number of vehicles offering Wi-Fi services on-board. Let’s find out how Tanaza can help taxis companies grow their business, by providing them the right on-board Wi-Fi hotspots features.

Nowadays, an increasing number of taxis is turning into mobile Wi-Fi hotspots: indeed, more and more taxis are being equipped with access points that deliver on-board internet connection to people and, at the same time, allow network admins to collect useful data about Wi-Fi users. In this way, both passengers and taxis companies are better off: people can benefit from free Wi-Fi en route to check their emails, access social media or chat on WhatsApp, while taxis can leverage free Wi-Fi en route to improve the user experience and grow their business in a successful way.

Let’s see how taxis can benefit from 5 Wi-Fi hotspot features provided by Tanaza to meet their business needs in a successful way.


1. Remote monitoring and management


Tanaza gives you the possibility to remotely monitor and manage your on-board devices, anywhere and anytime. On the easy-to-use, centralized Tanaza Cloud Dashboard, you can see the real-time status of the access points deployed and, should a device experiences issues or goes down, after 5 minutes you will receive a customized alert and be able to check its status on the dashboard in no time at all. In addition, you can access detailed statistics for networks, access points, and connected clients, i.e. the real-time received and sent data and the session duration, which can be useful for statistics and marketing campaigns.


2. Login page


Commuters and tourists surely enjoy free Wi-Fi access to the net while traveling in a taxi, but they will appreciate it even more if they know the network they are accessing is reliable. This is why we recommend creating a login page with an authentication process, through which users sign in to access your free Wi-Fi connection. For instance, if you rely on the Tanaza captive portal, you can opt for many login methods, such as form-based authentications, SMS tokens, or access through email and/or phone number. Furthermore, thanks to the Tanaza login page editor, you can build a very intuitive authentication page, available in more than 60 languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, German and Italian. Also, the created login page is responsive, meaning you can easily check how it’s seen from any mobile device.


taxi login page


3. Social Wi-Fi


Thanks to Tanaza, you can create different authentication methods through which users access your network. But it is through social login that you can boost your social visibility and increase your engagement rate in the best and easiest way: indeed, through the Tanaza Social Wi-Fi users can log in using Facebook and other social networks, i.e. Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin and, for instance, you can ask people to put a “Like” to your Facebook page.


4. Analytics dashboard


Providing free on-board Wi-Fi gives you the unique opportunity to analyze your mobile Wi-Fi hotspot usage: with Tanaza, taxis companies can leverage the Analytics Dashboard to gather useful user data through Wi-Fi, such as email, phone, age, and use it to improve their selling strategies and services. For instance, you can see the SSID people use to connect and know how many times passengers use your taxis to travel: based on this, you can set a special tariff on all vehicles for your returning users’ next route. In doing so, people will be more incentivized to choose your taxi next time they need one!


5. Content filtering tool


It is important for transport operators that offer free Wi-Fi services to secure their network usage, so as to avoid the improper use of the internet on-board. Through the built-in web content filtering feature provided by Tanaza, network admins can prevent users from accessing inappropriate content, i.e. pornography, gambling or illegal websites, in a simple way: you can choose among a wide range of set categories and create a personalized list of sites to block or unblock. Furthermore, web content filtering is an effective way to reduce liabilities related to the main infringements run by potentially malicious users, i.e. copyright violations or porn streaming.

With these must-have features, you will effectively enrich your user experience and your business will grow in a fast and successful way!