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Tanaza_AP_v002By replacing the built-in firmware with the Tanaza firmware, you will increase the features of your wireless access point. You can get quite close to enterprise wireless network features.


Here are some reasons why you should replace your existing wireless AP’s firmware with Tanaza firmware:


  1. Hotspot free Internet access. Set-up a free public hotspot with captive portal (Tanaza Splash Page). Allow authentication through social networks, set-up bandwidth restrictions, etc. You can enable up to 8 SSIDs per access point.


  1. Abuse control and web content filtering. Get complete control of your Wi-Fi network. Monitor your Wi-Fi clients. Kick them out of the network if they don’t respect the terms of use of your service. Filter contents to secure the service and avoid inappropriate websites and dangerous use of Internet.


  1. Paid Wi-Fi. Set-up a paid public hotspot and sell coupons for Internet access.


  1. Wi-Fi roaming. Wi-Fi clients will be free to move around a Wi-Fi area without stopping their VoIP calls, roaming from an access point to the other, without any disconnection.


  1. Advanced network / access point configuration. Set the power, the channel and the radio mode remotely. Restrict the bandwidth per SSID. Isolate clients. Control 2.4 GHz and 5GHz radios independently (coming soon). Manually configure static IP addressing or enable dynamic IP addressing. Reboot the AP remotely or schedule reboots.


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