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Cloud-Based Wifi access point management

We are working hard to provide cloud-based AP management with the highest possible quality. We think that today, with release 1.6.0 of Tanaza, we made another step toward our goal: controlling and monitoring Access Points in a cost effective way.

Cloud-based AP management is an ambitious project. Access Points have all similar functionalities – changing the IP address, setting the WPA key, … – but it’s incredible how different interfaces from various vendors can be.

A friend and colleuge was amazed by “how difficoult could be to find the reboot button” in a web-interface of an AP. Well… we will try to solve that issue too.

Ubiquiti Unifi 2.2.4 is really different from Ubiquiti Unifi 2.2.5, or AirRouter. Same for Netgear. Each model has a different “thing” that makes it special.

So… we had to engineer a very robust protocol that is able to connect to any Access Point model, recognizing the firmware version and talking to the device in its own language.

As users devices are special, we started to develop “special” connectors and… it seems to work pretty well!. These improvements allowed us to expand the list of supported access points, from Netgear and Ubiquiti to TP-Link.

We still have a lot do do. So, if you are interested in cloud AP management, stay tuned.

By the way, you can try to manage up to 2 APs for free and let us know what you think about Tanaza.