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Apple launched “Share your WiFi” with iOS 11

by | Sep 20, 2017 | All articles, Industry news | 0 comments

Apple launched “Share your Wi-Fi” with iOS 11

Apple facilitates your access to a Wi-Fi network thanks to its last functionality “Share Your Wi-Fi.


Apple released on Tuesday 19th of September its last firmware version, iOS11. Available to all Apple devices launched after 2013 (laptop, iPad and iPhone), iOS 11 brings a lot of new interesting elements to the smart devices. One of them is the new functionality “Share Your Wi-Fi” that allows the owner of a Wi-Fi network to share the network’s password with a visitor easily.


How does it work?

It is quite easy, let’s imagine that you receive a friend to your place who wants to connect to your Wi-Fi house network. First of all, your device needs to be connected to your Wi-Fi and you have to be in the list of contacts of your friend’s device. Then your friend will have to hold his device next to yours and goes to Wi-Fi settings. He will have the possibility to send you a request to access Wi-Fi. A dialogue box will pop-up, allowing you rather share or not this password.

If you approved, the password is sent to your friend that will be automatically connected to your Wi-Fi network without having to type anything.

On a Mac, the notification will pop-up on the top right corner of your screen. Of course, both of the devices need to run the iOS 11 to enjoy this functionality.

Apple launched “Share your Wi-Fi” with iOS 11

Why is this cool?

Sharing a Wi-Fi password with visitors is not always that easy when this one contains ten letters, characters, numbers and other symbols. Moreover, when it is a personalised password used for other accounts, you might be reluctant to share it with everybody. The new Apple release solves this problem because you don’t need to communicate your password anymore with your friends and relatives. As long as you all have an Apple device that runs the iOS 11 version, you can share for free and in a super fast way your Wi-Fi network.

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