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Will the biggest change in the industry of wireless networks be applying artificial intelligence to networking?

Wi-Fi has evolved a lot since 1999. Nowadays, many locations offer access to Wi-Fi. The performance of Wi-Fi devices is rapidly improving and networks are now manageable through advanced on-premise or cloud-based software. However, managing enterprise wireless networks requires a great deal of effort for networking engineers. According to Ajay Malik, engineer and entrepreneur in the wireless network industry, artificial intelligence could solve this problem by transforming wireless networks into self-managed systems.In fact, the effort and time that goes into managing and supporting enterprise wireless networks is significant due to its complex requirements. Technical problems do not troubleshoot and solve themselves. There is a need for a wireless management system that watches the network, understands functioning, analyzes real-time performance and acts automatically to solve known problems.

Ajay Malik thinks that artificial intelligence could be a game-changer; it could free systems administrators from sitting at a console and waiting for problem alerts, and at the same time, it could decrease the cost of IT support and administration cost.

Perhaps artificial intelligence is the future of wireless networks industry and it seems probable that enterprise Wi-Fi will be significant AI-based by 2020.

Source: Computer World


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The Tanaza Cloud Dashboard allows simultaneous monitoring and management of multiple Wi-Fi routers and access points, with individual or centralized SSIDs, located in one or in multiple locations.


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