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A new important move in the network equipment industry: Brocade Communications System Inc. strikes $1.2 Billion Deal to buy Ruckus Wireless. This is one of the largest tech acquisitions in recent years.

Ruckus sells cloud-based and on-premise Wi-Fi solutions to both enterprises and service providers. Brocade is already a networking giant, in direct competition with Cisco.

The acquisition of the Wi-Fi gear specialist Ruckus will put Brocade at the top levels in the sectors of storage area networking, service provider Wi-Fi, data center networking and enterprise wireless LAN. Brocade will also be in the position to compete directly with multifaceted companies like Dell and IBM. The deal will also help Brocade expand into more industries, including schools and government organizations.

Dan Rabinovitsj, Ruckus Wireless’ COO, declared that the company was not looking to be acquired, but that it responded positively to Brocade’s offer.