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New Tanaza feature idea: collect customized users’ data together with verified phone numbers

New Tanaza feature idea: collect customized users’ data together with verified phone numbers

new feature idea

The situation

When setting up WiFi guest access with the Tanaza captive portal, network administrators can choose among different login modes, such as social login, email authentication, phone number authentication, custom form, etc. These authentication methods gather data like email address, phone number, gender, age, birth date, location etc.

The form-based authentication is particularly useful when deploying WiFi networks in a hotel or in an airport. Indeed, it allows users to access WiFi by filling in the requested fields in a form and allows network admins to enrich their user database with lots of useful information.

However, the validity of this data is not 100% certain. Tanaza hotspot system allows WiFi administrators to collect data about WiFi users for marketing purposes. Nevertheless, data is not currently verified by the system which may make the collected data less reliable.

Tanaza has plans to help network administrators gather real insights about their WiFi users by implementing a verification system. 

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The solution


Some network administrators need to guarantee to their end-user customers the accuracy of the collected data. To do this, Tanaza has plans to develop a form-based authentication with phone number verification which would allow WiFi administrators to gather custom data about WiFi users together with a verified phone number.

 The scenario would be for example, in a hotel the network administrator sets up guest access with form-based authentication, asking information like name, surname, type of traveller (couple, family, worker, group), and a required field for phone number. Once the user fills the form and clicks on the button, an OTP (One Time Password) will be sent to that mobile number, that the user will copy into the splash page in order to complete the login.


It is more or less the same process than creating a Facebook account or a WhatsApp account. This feature could also be developed for the social login authentication so that the phone numbers gathered through Facebook WiFi authentication are verified, as well.

 This feature would allow WiFi administrators of public places to collect verified data for marketing purposes. Indeed, after asking for WiFi users consent, the network administrator can run marketing campaign using the phone numbers collected.

Moreover, Tanaza Remember Me feature allows one returning user to automatically connect to the WiFi network using the same device, without seeing the splash page again. One single user can access the network with the same phone number for multiple devices which allows the administrator to understand better the number of single user.    

If you like the feature of the phone verification together with the form-based authentication, you can upvote the idea on our website success.tanaza.


Why you should schedule your SSID access

Why you should schedule your SSID access

Why you should schedule your SSID access

Tanaza features a captive portal that allows you to create up to 8 SSID by access points, a way for the network administrator to secure and separate accesses to the WiFi network. Indeed, each SSID should be set up according to the usage of the network.

For example, when deploying a WiFi network for a restaurant, the WiFi administrator might want to create different network access for the staff and the guests. To do so, the WiFi administrator can create a first SSID protected by a password for the staff, and another SSID for the guest with access through email authentication or social media. In this way, customers will access the SSID through a different door. However, a problem might occur when customers connect to the WiFi network within the closed hours of the restaurant, enjoying a free WiFi connection without any counterpart for the owner of the restaurant.

To solve this problem, we strongly encourage you to schedule your SSID access by setting hours of network’s availability.

Indeed, SSID time restriction allows you to deactivate your SSID when your shop closes so that nobody can access the internet through your Wi-fi network during the night for example.

The SSID availability is not currently featured by Tanaza but still, you can deactivate your SSID by going through your access points settings remotely.

Solution 1: enter to your cloud.tanaza.com account and click on the access point that you want to deactivate.
Click on “settings”, then “SSIDs”. Finally, switch the on/off button to turn off your access point.
Remember to activate it again when you want your SSID to be available.

Why you should schedule your SSID access
Why you should schedule your SSID access

Solution 2: another possibility for you is to deactivate the SSID by making him invisible.
Go on your SSID settings, click on “wireless security” and switch the button enable/disable to make your SSID invisible
Be careful, the SSID will be invisible only for new WiFi users, while WiFi users already registered will still access to your WiFi network if they are in the network area

Why you should schedule your SSID access
Why you should schedule your SSID access

Alternatively, this could be done by showing the SSID name on clients’ devices, while replacing the splash page with a message saying “WiFi guest access is available only between 9 AM and 6 PM at this location”.

In any cases, we strongly advise you to secure your WiFi guest access and to use a web content filtering to avoid any bad usage of your WiFi network.

Your opinion is valuable to us, so please let us know what you think about this feature idea.

Ohio Stadium: fans will soon enjoy Wi-Fi network

Ohio Stadium: fans will soon enjoy Wi-Fi network

wi fi scarf-01

Ohio State University plans to install a wide Wi-Fi network in Ohio Stadium and the Schottenstein Center to improve the fans experience.


Ohio State is resigned to offer free Wi-Fi to fans coming to the stadium. Indeed, After signing a contract in 2012 with Verizon to provide Wi-Fi to the stadium and basketball arena by fall 2015, the project was abandoned. While the lawsuit is still pending with Verizon, it doesn’t discourage Ohio State that found a new partner for the project.

A budget of $18.6 million has been approved by trustees to install wireless access points across the Columbus campus: the priority is to install Wi-Fi within the stadium, then the basketball area for fall 2019. Campus construction will be complete by December 2020.

Funded by the university and auxiliary funds, the objective is to build a seamless network thanks to indoor and outdoor access points, and offer a modern user experience.

Customers will be able to text, tweet and share their experiences on the internet without overloading cellular networks.
Wi-Fi will also allow the data capture and helps Ohio State to better answer to fans expectations, and event staff needs. Last but not least, the reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure will be a framework for future technological expansions like emergency responders, event staff and customers communication.

Wi-Fi in public venues like stadium, shopping center, parks etc is an effective way to improve the overall customers experience and gather insights about their expectations.
Moreover, Wi-Fi in public venues allows you to better target your clientele and understand their expectations to improve and adapt your offer. Tanaza dashboard helps you through analytics to use this data for marketing campaigns and newsletters. 

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool?

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool?

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing


WiFi is now recognized as a powerful tool for venues to retain customers and increase the time they spend on premises. In a recent survey, 62% of the business owners surveyed said that customers spent more time in their shop facility once WiFi was available. Moreover, 50% said that customers are willing to spend more money when having access to a WiFi network. In this article, we will explain how you can use your WiFi as an effective marketing tool.

First of all, offering a WiFi network within your venue is a real plus and allows you to enhance your customer’s experience, but it is also a way to get more information about your clientele thanks to the data capture. Indeed Tanaza enables the Social Login, an authentication process through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram etc.

As soon as your customers connect to the WiFi, their data are collected. All these information are stored on your online dashboard: gender, age, location, phone number, email address.  We strongly recommend you to use a permission-based approach by offering your customers the ability to opt-in.   Once you know better your customers, you will be able to engage them through personalised email newsletters, targeting a specific segment to adapt your offer and promote your events. Inform your customers and keep contact with them to encourage them to come back in your venue.

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing
Moreover, allowing the Social Login WiFi will help you to get higher visibility on social media: you can ask your customers to like your Facebook page, check-in in your venue, rate your page on TripAdvisor, tweet something about your event etc. According to statistics, 50% of people learn about restaurants and cafés on social media. Social login WiFi has a lot of advantages, for more information, you can read this article. 

WiFi in your location allows you to personalise the customer’s experience too. Tanaza software recognises your customers so that they can access the network automatically and make them feel like at home. You can redirect your customers to a landing page or your online store and encourage them to buy your products.

This is particularly useful for the retail industry because you can leverage the customizable Tanaza login page to advertise your brand and products and target your customers in a personalized way. For example, you can add discount coupons for new customers to use on their next visit, as a way to incentivize them to come back to your location. 

How WiFi can become your new marketing tool? WiFi for Marketing

10 good reasons to choose the Social Login

10 good reasons to choose the Social Login

10 good reasons to choose the Social Login

Tanaza features a built-in captive portal that allows network managers to personalise the way WiFi users log to the network. In addition to the basic login modes (email, phone number, and password), Tanaza’s captive portal enables the Social Login.

By choosing the social login, the owner of a venue gives the possibility to his visitors to access the internet through social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc.
In this article, we give you ten reasons to choose the social login rather than another login mode.

Tanaza allows multiple social logins such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but also Linkedin, VKontakte, Google+ and Windows Live. Leave the choice to your WiFi users!

  1. Faster registration

Nowadays, most of the people have a facebook, or an Instagram, or even a twitter account, on their mobile. This means that in just one click, the user access to the internet! No need to write their email address, or their phone number, or a long password…

  1. Social login and social actions

By allowing the social login on your Tanaza splash page, you will have the option to request social actions such as a Like on your Facebook page or check-in in your venue. These two social actions are a good way to increase your visibility on the internet.

  1. Data capture

Tanaza’s captive portal allows data capture through social login. This means that every time someone logs to your WiFi network, you will be able to collect data such as name, surname, email address, age, gender, location and so on. For the network administrator, it is a great tool to drive marketing campaigns and target the right people.


darsena bar social login
  1. Easier registration

People have so many accounts and so many different passwords… the social login allows them to choose easily their favourite way to connect. This will also guarantee less failed logins.

  1. True data collected

When users have to give data in exchange for internet access, they might be tempted to give false information. Social login guarantees you verified data such as the email. You will be able to structure your database with relevant information about the clientele.

  1. Greater personalized experience

Thanks to the data capture, you will be able to personalize the client’s experience directly in your venue or through offline marketing campaigns.

  1. Easier login for mobile

Even though mobile screens are always bigger, it is not easy for people to fill out a registration form on their mobile. Thanks to the social login, you will have more mobile registrations, and so more data collected…

  1. Strengthen relationship and promote your events

For example, when visitors log in through Facebook, they will be able to see your Facebook page. This way, they will get more information about your venue, your future events, your promotion and discount… even when they leave your place.

  1. Visitors choose their favourite way to log in

Tanaza allows multiple social logins such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but also Linkedin, VKontakte, Google+ and Windows Live. Leave the choice to your WiFi users!

  1. Improve your marketing campaign

As previously said, social login allows a network administrator to gather data from its clientele. This data is a powerful insight to improve marketing campaign. Create personalised offers or events, send target email thanks to a better clients segmentation.

Update 2018: How to show Tripadvisor reviews and ranking in the WiFi splash page

Update 2018: How to show Tripadvisor reviews and ranking in the WiFi splash page

How to_tripadvisor-01

Tripadvisor is the American company that allows visitors or guests to rank a restaurant or a hotel. It is the world’s largest travel site with more than 200 million od reviews!
Tanaza allows you to display images and redirection links on your WiFi splash page. In this article, you will find out how to add your Tripadvisor reviews on your splash page. This will encourage your visitors to rank your venue and increase your visibility on internet.

First step: screenshot the element that you want to show to your WiFi users 

I took for example a restaurant in Copenhagen, with a very good ranking.

trip advisor

Second step: create your splash page using the Tanaza Splash Page Editor

  1. Choose the background, the text and the login mode. Here, I choose the Facebook login.
  2. Add your Tripadvisor screenshot as a picture on your splash page
  3. Create a button and add the link to redirect WiFi users on your Tripadvisor page


tripad config 2

Third step: configure your splash page settings

  1. Select the splash page you’ve just created
  2. Click on the Facebook icon to allow the Facebook login
  3. In the walled garden list, add the link of your Tripadvisor page.


Warning! if you don’t copy the link of your Tripadvisor page in the additional walled garden list, your WiFi users won’t be able to access to your page.


Fourth step: publish your splash page and promote your WiFi in your venue

Do not forget to apply the new configuration to your WiFi network and to publish your splash page.
Once it is done, promote your WiFi network within your venue

tripadvisor final result