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Centrally Configure Your Access Points

by | Sep 6, 2012 | All articles, Cloud Management, Industry news, Networking | 0 comments

Centrally Configure Your Access Points

All organizations face IT challenges significantly impacting productivity, costs and other resources. Some IT challenges even impact how your customers do business with you.  To keep up with these challenges, many organizations are looking to simplify their wireless network management.  That’s why we created Tanaza.


Tanaza provides centralized management functions which are useful in the management tasks for WLANs of many organizations, including small/medium businesses, schools, hotels, legal offices and more. Its remote management functions are also perfect for System Integrators and Managed Solutions Providers who need to manage Wi-Fi networks for their customers without leaving their office.

Tanaza is a software-as‐a‐service solution designed to manage networks of Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) through the cloud. With it you can setup your Wi-Fi APs from a uniform web interface, even when your Wi-Fi network is composed of several different brands and models of APs.

Cloud manage APs in remote locations

Tanaza Cloud helps manual management users save a significant amount of time and cost. However, unlike enterprise solutions, it is affordable for organizations of any size. That’s great news for SMBs and system admins looking to simplify configuration of their access points.

Tanaza connects these AP devices in one cloud application, getting organizations out of the messy business of remembering the configuration per each device, knowing how to do the same procedure, e.g. just rebooting the device, per each single model, doing things one-by-one. Using Tanaza, you can manage multiple Wi-Fi access points through our Dashboard, keeping them organized and accessible and simplifying the management of your wireless network.

If you are a small business owner you can take charge of your Wi-Fi access points or you can enlist the expertise of an IT manager. You will find lower costs, ease of use and compatibility with your existing hardware. Tanaza also provides a 24 hour solution for system integrators and IT managers, with alerts (coming soon), remote management, and more functionalities available to you.  

Take control of your incessant change and accelerated pace with cloud-based management solutions to simplify your wireless network, improve performance and lower your costs.  Tanaza can help you get ahead of the curve with cloud-based management of wireless Access Points.