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We are making improvements.

Our internal version of the Tanaza Agent allows to cloud manage any OpenWRT device through the cloud. It’s currently possible to integrate the agent into OpenWRT-based firmwares, turn the devices on and add them to the Cloud Dashboard (cloud.tanaza.com).

cloud manage openwrt

For now you have to run a Java Applet inside your browser and use it to auto-detect the APs that carry the Tanaza Agent. You’ll need to be in the same LAN of the AP, in order to do it.

The Tanaza Agent code will stay private until we implement the new feature that will allow to add APs to your Cloud Dashboard without running the Java Applet 😉 and neither being in the same LAN of the AP. It will be a 100% zero-touch configuration.

If you are a vendor or a developer and cannot wait, just join the OpenWRT team writing to embed@tanaza.com.