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With its latest feature, Tanaza allows you to use code login and social login together. When this feature is enabled, only users that know the Wi-Fi code will be able to see the splash page and get access to Wi-Fi through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or other social networks.

Configuring this feature is super easy.

  • When configuring your splash page, go to Settings > Security > Select a Password (for your captive portal)
  • Save and Publish your splash page.

How to implement the code and social login authentication in BYOD environments.

When Wi-Fi clients want to connect, they will see the following pages:

  1. A pre-authentication page that asks for a code
  2. A splash page with social login or other types of authentication (only if the client enters the correct code)
  3. A final page that requests a social action: your page can be configured to ask for a Facebook Like (Optional)

This feature helps you configure your SSID so that only the customers that know the code can see the splash page and access the network via social login.

An easy way to communicate your code is to print it on the purchase receipts.