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Comcast provided free Wi-Fi across Florida during Hurricane Irma

by | Sep 19, 2017 | All articles, Industry news | 0 comments

Comcast provided free Wi-Fi across Florida during Hurricane Irma

Comcast, the American global telecommunications carrier was providing until the 15th of September 2017 free Wi-Fi session to residents in Florida because of the hurricane Irma.


This is a beautiful initiative from Comcast that decided to help the population during the hurricane Irma by letting them access Comcast’s Xfinity hotspots for free sessions. A lot of infrastructures such as bridges, power poles and roadway were destroyed by the hurricane, making impossible for the population to watch TV news or to go outside. More than 137.000 hotspots were available to both Comcast’s customers and non-customers mainly in public places like parks, businesses, and malls.

Comcast’s customers accessed the public hotspot thanks to their credentials while non-customers had to fulfil a form on the Xfinity page and to renew their free session every two hours. The position of all Xfinity hotspots was displaying on the map allowing residents to find a free Wi-Fi access easily.


By providing free access to the Wi-Fi, Comcast wanted to ensure a way for the population to communicate and to be updated about the meteorological situation. Amy Smith, senior vice-president for Comcast’s Florida Region, declared “By activating our WiFi hotspot network across the state now before the storm, we increase the chance that more people can stay connected. It’s something we’re proud to do for our communities and our state at a time when we all need to support each other.”


It is not the first time that telecommunication carriers took the initiative to provide free Wi-Fi to a population during emergency situation like earthquake, hurricane and so on: in 2011, a Japanese Telecom carrier decided to provide free Wi-Fi to the population living in the affected areas of the Tōhoku earthquake.