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Cut your operating costs with remote WiFi management

by | Aug 31, 2016 | All articles, Cloud Management, Industry news | 0 comments

The wifi market is a low-risk market, and its value continues to increase every year thanks to the increasing need for public wifi worldwide. Unfortunately, due to the high costs related to managing networks, SMBs in the wifi industry are often excluded from this progress. However, some solutions exist in order to reduce costs in your business life, while giving you the chance to embrace the wifi opportunity and developing a successful business in one of the most promising markets.


One of the many obstacles that MSPs and other solution providers can face in the wifi market is the high cost of the equipment. Some software requires a specific equipment in terms of hardware (brand/model), which can represent an important cost if you need to change the hardware at some point.


A multivendor software can be a solution to these problems because it lets you choose to work with different brands and models, including your wifi devices. In fact, Tanaza supports a large number of access points, from the most inexpensive (starting at 19$) to the higher performing devices. The list of supported access points is available on the Tanaza’s website, and the number of new supported devices grows every month. By allowing you to re-use your existing wifi infrastructure, Tanaza’s multi-vendor wifi management allows you to lower your up-front investment for wifi networks.

Another obstacle to the growth of MSPs could be the up-front cost and the maintenance cost of the on-premise infrastructure for network management, but in this previous article we clearly explain how a cloud-based software, rather than an on-premise software, can allow you to reduce these costs. Saas like Tanaza allow you to remotely manage your networks, scale your business and pay only for the services you are really using. Thanks to this, you do not only reduce up-front costs and maintenance costs, but you also reduce the capital expenditure (capex), by adoptin a “pay as you go” formula where you pay only for the services that you really use.


Managing networks implies to provide 24/7 support and to be 100% available for your clients. This can become quickly a problem if you are an MSP that deals with multiple customers, from different cities, or even different countries. It has inevitably an impact on your transportation cost (moving to the client location because of troubleshooting or to install a new AP, do upgrades of the firmware etc.). The solution to reduce this cost is the remote monitoring capability, that allows you to manage all your wifi networks from one single place. With Tanaza software, you don’t need to relocate to your client’s location to manage their wifi network, as all the data about the wifi network status is available on the cloud platform.

Managing your wifi infrastructure remotely gives you the opportunity and the time to focus on new projects, like improve your product and service, innovate, deliver an exceptional customer service, etc.

Moreover, remote wifi management allows you to reduce cost by centralizing your IT staff or by adapting your organization in order to make it more efficient.

To know more about how Tanaza can help you reduce your operational costs, you can read some of our success stories. Tanaza is distributed in many countries through our Tanaza Authorized Partners network.

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