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The world of Wi-Fi is a unique one. The technology, unconventionally born from an American government agency, is one of the most regulated innovations ever created. As the mobile market continues to see tremendous growth through the increased use of mobile devices, such as cell phone and tablets, high profile Wi-Fi events are the way enthusiasts and technology professionals stay ahead of the technology.

There are two main Summits that are considered “must attend events” for the Wi-Fi professional. The first event, appropriately named Super Wi-Fi Summit, takes place twice a year, alternating between the east and west coast. Its brand reflects a super hero worthy insignia, and a promise to “gain an understanding of this technology’s true potential, as well as the business and technical issues surrounding it.”

The last Super Wi-Fi Summit was in February; with reviewers stating that it was one of the best conferences they ever attended. Details for the next Super Wi-Fi Summit are below.

Super Wi-Fi Summit    
October 3-5, 2012
Austin, TX

The second event is the only global Wi-Fi conference. Wi-Fi World Summit takes place once a year, and is usually hosted in a country other than the United States. This year, participants will gather in Barcelona, Spain. A destination worthy on it’s on, given greater purpose by the events agenda. Speakers include executives from several noteworthy companies including Microsoft and Nokia. Guests can expect to gain insight on how to successfully exploit the opportunities of this new Wi-Fi world. Details for the next Wi-Fi World Summit are below.

Wi-Fi World Summit 2012
September 11-12, 2012
The Melia, Barcelona