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Find Free WiFi, the app to find public hotspot in South-Africa

by | May 25, 2017 | All articles, Industry news, Public Hotspots | 0 comments

Find free Wi-Fi in South-Africa

A group of web developers elaborated an interactive map to help you find free WiFi hotspots in South-Africa.

Finding a free WiFi hotspot in a foreign country is not always easy, that is why a group of web developers in South-Africa came out with an application that allows you to find a free hotspot in your area: the “Find Free WiFi”.

Nowadays, the internet has established itself as necessary tool for populations: workers, students, tourists, they all use the internet to communicate, organize, book a travel and so on, having access to the internet helps to bridge the digital divide among the population as we already explained in a previous article. To help people in South-Africa to easily find a free WiFi hotspot, a group of 5 developers elaborated an interactive map that indicates you where is the free WiFi hotspot closest to you.

More than 2.182 WiFi networks have been listed in 57 cities across South-Africa. The most-connected city seems to be Johannesburg, that counts about 993 WiFi hotspots, comes after Pretoria with 470 hotspots listed and Cape Town with 399 hotspots. Every day, new free hotspots are added to the list thanks to the participation of WiFi users, that have the possibility to signal or directly add a free WiFi hotspot to the map.

The application has been existing for a year as of now and is available for free on Android and Apple stores.
Simon Stewart, the founder of Find Free WiFi, thinks that south-Africans need to be more demanding about establishments such as coffee shops offering free WiFi: “In the perfect world there is free WiFi anywhere, and it is unlimited, and I’m sure at some point we’re going to get to that”. 

Tanaza is targeting small and medium business that are willing to develop Wi-Fi network easily and without spending much money. According to Sebastiano Bertani, Tanaza’s CEO, “thanks to its scalability, Tanaza allows entrepreneurs to develop their project quickly and efficiently”

Even if the concentration of free hotspots on the African continent is low, compared to other parts of the world, telecommunication carriers are trying to develop Wi-Fi in Africa and to enhance the infrastructure of the global network.
In 2020, Africa will represent less than 1% of the global public hotspots.