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Imagine you are a system integrator that manages 10 networks of 10 small business customers. Their network is made by 3 to 10 access points and they couldn’t spend money for their wireless infrastructure, as there was no budget.  Without the necessary funds you usually end up with SOHO access points, spending $50 to $100 in order to stay in that limited budget. With this system in place every time you have a problem you have to use complex interfaces, reboot devices one by one, and change the same password repeatedly. What a pain!

AP Cloud Management

Your time is valuable and in Tanaza we believe your time should have value even if you cannot afford an expensive enterprise level solution.  Our idea is for you to keep your existing access points and empower them with cloud management.

Introducing Tanaza: a new way to manage consumer level access points; it works through a state-of-the-art technology that allows you to change parameters and reboot virtually any device model. It actually supports some models of Netgear, such as WNAP210, WG103 and WN604, of Ubiquiti, such as Unifi and AirRouter, and of TP-Link and D-Link. More are coming soon.

You can try it for free and control up to 2 devices forever or you can ask for unlimited devices support for one month by joining the Lead Users Program.