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At Tanaza, we strongly believe in giving your old hardware the opportunity to be useful, even after it has become obsolete.

At Tanaza, we strongly believe in giving your old hardware the opportunity to be useful, even after it has become obsolete. - TP-Link WR740NIn this throw-away society, technologies and systems quickly become obsolete. Although some systems are not always worth saving, this is not true about all deteriorated technology. Just because a system is old, it does not mean that it cannot still be put to good use. Out-dated does not always mean inoperative. Some devices, like routers, can be easily upgraded to function as if they were as good as new, regardless of its age-old hardware.

Below is a short list of software that can enable you to quickly and easily update your router.


OpenWRT and DD-WRT

OpenWRT and DD-WRT are free, Linux-based, open-source software that allow you to install packages to improve the functions offered by your access points. Some of these added functions include setting up a VPN, add a captive portal, using the SSH server and more.


Softwares like OpenWRT are ideal for those who wish to have an Embedded Linux distribution that can be installed on multi-vendor devices and can be managed and monitored over a web interface. Although you have the freedom to customize most of the features available in OpenWRT, it requires a great deal of technical skill. On the other hand, DD-WRT is a drop-in replacement firmware that is easy to install, includes a wide variety of features and is available on a large number of routers.



Tanaza is a multi-vendor software that gives superpowers to your devices. With Tanaza, you can upgrade an old system to one that offers the latest features to best fit the needs of your deployments/business, including a dashboard, captive portal, social login features and a couponing system. While Tanaza is not a free software (you pay per license), its advanced hotspot capabilities enable you to create and monitor your public and social hotspots from the cloud, from anywhere in the world

Tanaza supports a wide-range of older low-cost access points, including TP-Link WR740N,TP-Link WA5210G v1, PowerCloud Enable CAP324, Linksys WRT160NL, and much more.


By taking part in this movement, where the focus is to make good use of deteriorating technologies, you are saving capital and tending to your electronic waste by recycling old equipment. Tanaza would like to encourage you to create new high-performance networks using old devices and access points.


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