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How to tell if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi

by | May 9, 2017 | All articles | 0 comments

How to tell if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi

Hackers try to access clients’ data by using the so-called “Rogue access points”. Rogue APs are devices that broadcast the same SSID name that your network is using, in order to illicity access your Wi-Fi clients’ information.
In this article, you will find hints to know if another device is using your Wi-Fi SSID name without your authorization.


By stealing your Wi-Fi we mean that an AP might be faking to be an authorized device within your Wi-Fi network without your authorization and so try to access your clients’ personal information. Moreover, if a hacker entered on your Wi-Fi network, he can also steal private data, like passwords for example.


Check with online tools and applications

You have the possibility to scan your Wi-Fi network thanks to online tools and applications.

For example, you can use Tanaza’s surveying tool, that scans all networks in your area.


How to tell if someone is stealing your Wi-Fi

Screenshot 2: scan all networks in your area thanks to Tanaza


Alternatively, you can use:

Router Checker, that checks the router’s connection settings; or Wi-Fi Inspector, to:

  • Fing Network Tools,
  • IP Tools: Network Utilities


How to protect my Wi-Fi network from hackers?

To enhance the security of your Wi-Fi network, you can first start to change the password that you use to manage your Wi-Fi network. Create a personalized one with caps, numbers and symbols.

Last but not least, be sure that your router runs the latest firmware in order to improve the security.

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