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The HP A-WA2220-AG access point is a double radio Wi-Fi device that is used to provide radio coverage for indoor purposes. It usually works within the standard radio frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It is also compliant with international quality standards of IEEE 802.11a/b/g. and RoHS. This compact device is also IEEE 802.3af PoE compliant. PoE compliance is economical because it saves the money that would have been otherwise used to operate costly power sockets at the access point. Network functionality is enabled through a 10/100 Ethernet network interface. Its low power consumption of 10w makes it ideal for indoor use. This device can also be used with detachable a antenna.

It is operated from a central access point. This is done using an AC which manages most of the data and management frames. The AC also controls all the Fit APs via CAPWAP. This allows the status of all network devices to be clearly discerned. This makes it very easy for network administrators to manage their networks efficiently. When compared to the conventional Fat AP, the AC and Fit AP are more user friendly. It also allows them to get to the root of many network problems quickly and sort them out in good time. This functionality is excellent in many busy networks that have users with varying network requirements.

The HP A-WA2220 can allow access point updates automatically. It does this by liaising with the AC within the network. It can also download the latest required software updates to the AP. These tasks are completed automatically and this makes time usage for the network operator very efficient. When it comes to larger networks, this particular feature can get work done in record time. The network operator can also be able to spend their time performing high value addition jobs instead of the mundane repeat low value addition network maintenance jobs.

The access points also allow for enhanced security, IPv6 and IPv4 double stacks for network functionality, automatic channel allocation, zero configuration, and hardware encryption where required. The automatic radio channel allocation feature is particularly efficient because it distributes network users along the available radio channels. This ensures that there are no underused radio channels within the network. Network security functionality is delivered via EAD (Endpoint Admission Defense) wireless client access. It also allows for intelligent load balancing to forestall possible traffic blocks to the network and also utilize the full capacity of the radio network more effectively. This makes it excellent for many busy offices and other work environments.

The IPv4/6 is also ideally suited for the future expansion of the network. This scalability feature is excellent because networks tend to be dynamic in both the number of users and amount of network traffic. Local forwarding of data gives the network operator the ability to work more efficiently with each network user. The dual features of multimedia and QoS are ideally suited for providing above average performance on each of the radio channels.

Using the HP A-WA2220-AG, a network user can maintain their security by using media access control (MAC) together with IEEE 802.1x central wireless security via their existing RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial in User Service) so as to secure the network from unpermitted users. Furthermore, AP services enable network operators to designate specific network services depending on the needs of each user group. This virtual privacy for each user group makes better organized use of available network bandwidth and other network resources as well as simplifying the task of maintaining and managing the network. In addition, local AP user access control makes certain that the various network users can be allowed to use only APs that have been preauthorized. This task simplifies the locations from which the wireless network can be accessed.

The main goal of the EAD (Endpoint Admission Defense) network functionality is to ensure that both cabled and wireless network clients access the network. Its main aim though, is to keep out wireless network users who do not comply with mandatory network security policies thus reducing the chances of introducing dangerous and destructive viruses into the network. This is one of the best ways of keeping network security very high. Other tough security features that protect wireless networks from hackers in the HP A-WA2220-AG are; Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2), Wired Equivalent Protocol (WEP), and Temporal Key Integrity Protocol (TKIP).

The HP A-WA2220-AG wireless access point’s radio can be accessed from single and double points thus making it easier for network clients to satisfy their radio requirements. Once this device is operational, it cannot be used by another vendor. This makes it a very safe purchase. It can also allow upto 64 wireless clients at any given time. At a bargain price of $ 275, this device makes very good value for money. Its light weight size measures at 3 pounds with a physical volume of only 14 by 9.5 by 4.5 inches. This makes it a trendy gadget to blend with many office environments. It also comes with a 1 year warranty and technical support via email or telephone. New software updates are also provided for specific products.