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This is just one room of our R&D lab, the place where all of this was born and is now growing.

The team is proud of the nerdy atmosphere, the devices, the cables… everything. This is a good place to work and live, they say.

Every day, at the coffee machine there are engaging discussions about how to implement the newest features, which are the best devices (currently there is a strong Ruckus value Vs Ubiquiti price/value ratio fight…), which should be the alignment of a piece of text in the interface to cloud manage the APs. Yes, we are obsessed about what we do and we are working to create the best user experience ever for cloud management of Wi-Fi devices and we want every single detail to be perfect. It’s our passion. We cannot change it…

tanaza lab

The only exception is the R&D lab: that’s not so “orderly”.

Enjoy the picture and.. if you’d like to come here, just send a CV.

Wannabe Consulting Project Managers: stay away 😉 We select only the best talent that can bring real value to our project. If you liked to build anything when you were young… you probably might be one of us.