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Line busting: how Wi-Fi is changing the retail sector (for the better)

by | Jan 21, 2015 | All articles, Industry news | 0 comments


Nobody loves lines. Waiting to order and waiting to pay… a bit frustrating, isn’t it?

Retailers understood that lines decrease the satisfaction of their customers and are experimenting new tactics to increase interaction with salespeople and give an exceptonal shopping experience to their customers.

Between these tacticts, there’s line busting: it means that salespeople use mobile POS (smartphone, tablet or another WiFi enabled device that performs the functions of a cash register) and mobile printers to scan merchandise, check inventories, collect payments and print receipts away from the traditional checkout aisles.

These wireless devices also enable a new way to sell: if the product isn’t available or isn’t phisically in the store, it can be ordered and shipped directly to the customer. With instant inventory search and confirmation of shipping dates.


Retail Wi-Fi and line busting improve the retail shop overall performance:

  1. Less abandoned carts and baskets, less customers going home empty-handed
  2. Exceptional customer experience
  3. Decrease of the wait time
  4. Real-time inventory management
  5. More prime retail space to showcase products
  6. Boosts impulse sales and delights customers
  7. Create a seamless shopping flow, from the first contact to the purchase


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