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Mikrotik_RB951UI-2HnDMikrotik RB951Ui-2HnD is a wireless access point for SMBs with a new generation Atheros and a good processing power. It has five Ethernet ports, PoE output function on port #5, and a high power 2.4GHz built-in antenna.

The complete datasheet for RB951Ui-2HnD is available in the Tanaza Library.

Tanaza offers plug and play cloud management for Mikrotik Routerboard access points.

You can manage and monitor different locations, networks and SSIDs from one single, centralized dashboard (and also create multi-vendor networks if you want to use other vendors’ devices).


Thanks to the new TANAZA FLASHER for MIKROTIK ROUTERBOARD RB951UI-2HND (Windows), Tanaza cloud management and social hotspots are a click away!


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MikroTik RB951UI-2HND cloud management

  1. Install Tanaza on your Routerboard thanks to the Tanaza Flasher
  2. Sign up or sign in on your cloud.tanaza.com account
  3. Add the access point and configure it from remote!


Facebook_like_butonMikroTik RB951UI 2HND Facebook Login

  1. Create an SSID and configure your branded Tanaza Splash Page
  3. Add social actions, if you want to collect Facebook Likes or Facebook Checkins


MikroTik RB951UI 2HND video and image advertising

  1. Add an image or video advertising to your splash page
  2. Select for how many seconds the ads are shown to the users