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New outdoor access points supported by Tanaza

by | Jul 6, 2017 | What's new | 0 comments

New outdoor access points supported by Tanaza

Tanaza supports two new access points from Ubiquiti that fit perfectly for outdoor deployments:

These access points are weather resistant which makes them ideal for deployments in public spaces like parks, festivals, beaches and so on.

Their design is smart and minimalistic, both access points work on the 5 GHz frequency which means that the risk of interference is low.

About their prices, the two access points are available at an affordable price.

The device Ubiquiti Rocket M5 Titanium XW can have an external antenna installed in order to multiply its power and to guarantee a good coverage. If you want more information about how to maximize the access point power with an antenna, read this article.

These two Ubiquiti access points allow users to browse the internet, watch videos online and make VoIP calls even with a lot of concurrent users.

To see the full list of supported access points, click here.