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Ohio Stadium: fans will soon enjoy Wi-Fi network

by | Apr 11, 2018 | All articles, Wi-Fi marketing | 0 comments

Ohio State University plans to install a wide Wi-Fi network in Ohio Stadium and the Schottenstein Center to improve the fans experience.


Ohio State is resigned to offer free Wi-Fi to fans coming to the stadium. Indeed, After signing a contract in 2012 with Verizon to provide Wi-Fi to the stadium and basketball arena by fall 2015, the project was abandoned. While the lawsuit is still pending with Verizon, it doesn’t discourage Ohio State that found a new partner for the project.

A budget of $18.6 million has been approved by trustees to install wireless access points across the Columbus campus: the priority is to install Wi-Fi within the stadium, then the basketball area for fall 2019. Campus construction will be complete by December 2020.

Funded by the university and auxiliary funds, the objective is to build a seamless network thanks to indoor and outdoor access points, and offer a modern user experience.

Customers will be able to text, tweet and share their experiences on the internet without overloading cellular networks.
Wi-Fi will also allow the data capture and helps Ohio State to better answer to fans expectations, and event staff needs. Last but not least, the reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure will be a framework for future technological expansions like emergency responders, event staff and customers communication.

Wi-Fi in public venues like stadium, shopping center, parks etc is an effective way to improve the overall customers experience and gather insights about their expectations.
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