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When adding access points to your new or existing deployment, it is crucial to locate your router/s in the perfect spot. - home network with Ubiquiti UnifiWhen adding access points to your new or existing deployment, it is crucial to position your access point in the perfect spot.

The location of your AP is always where you Wi-Fi signal is the strongest and the further you get from the router the weaker the signal becomes, assuming no surface absorbs or blocks its propagation. So, first and foremost, always remember that where you locate your router and how you position its antennas can make a distinctive difference.

Below are 7 simple router hacks that you can try to improve your wireless connection:

  1. Keep router off the ground, so that the signal isn’t broadcasted downwards. The floor can keep the signal from propagating.
  2. To access a wireless connection once the router is out of sight, the network may require installing an additional access point or extenders to perpetuate the signal further.
  3. Check the direction of the signal before choosing where to position your AP. If the AP is omnidirectional and ceiling/wall mountable, position one AP per room at the center of the room, so that signal can be broadcasted in equal strength.
  4. Do not place the access point inside cabinets where structures, like walls or cabinet doors, can block the signal.
  5. Keep router away from other electronics as they can interfere with the router signal.
  6. Place the router antennas in different directions to facilitate the communication between systems, regardless of their position. If a router has two or more external antennas , the antennas can be placed strategically to pair with the antenna positioning of the devices in its network. For instance, consider that while laptops have horizontal internal antennas, the direction of the internal antenna in mobile devices depends on how the device is being held.
  7. If you have more than one access point in the same room, keep the Tx Power low and set them on different channels in order to avoid interference. With Tanaza, you can set your channel to AUTO and our software automatically selects the best channel for your ap.

Figure out the best location for your AP by moving your AP around the desired covered area and measuring its signal strength using Wi-Fi analyzer tools. The key to obtaining the best connection is through the trial and error approach.


So, which of these tips did you find the most helpful? Or if none of the above helped, how did you optimize your home network?


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