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Thanks to Facebook and its increasing popularity as a social platform, Search FYI was created to make search easy and unique to the user, keep them updated on important topics and encourage them to join public discussions.

Thanks to Facebook's increase in popularity as a social platform, Facebook created Search FYI for people everywhere in the world to stay updated on important topics, join public discussions and have search results catered specifically to them.- Search FYI

With over 2 trillion posts in its index, Facebook has released its latest search feature, Search FYI. This search update provides better search suggestions, includes relevant results with public posts and posts from friends and retrieves existing information based on previous search to encourage public conversation.

Facebook’s latest search update allows users to keep track of the information that matters most to them. With Search FYI, Facebook will provide relevant results by automatically highlight the most recent stories trending at that very moment and based on the search, it will also offer personalized search suggestions based on the user’s previous searches and their interests. The upgraded search box gives users the tools to access all the necessary information to stay updated on one service. By constantly updating their Newsfeeds with related posts, published by their friends and other public users, users can find public posts about the latest topics anchoring interesting public conversation. Facebook Search’s goal is to help users cut through the noise and quickly retrieve the personal and public information that is most relevant.

Facebook’s wide array of users is extremely diverse and as a result so is the information posted and discussed by its users. While many people use this social login to stay connect with friends and family, others use it to join public conversations and stay updated with current topics. Currently, Facebook is the go-to social platform with more than 1.5 billion searches per day.

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