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Share Wi-Fi passwords with iOS11

by | Jul 11, 2017


Thanks to the latest software update for Apple products, being forced to remember passwords to log into a Wi-Fi network will be a thing of yesterday.

The latest Apple feature resulting from the upcoming iOS software update – iOS11, enables devices already connected to a network to share the network’s Wi-Fi password with other devices that wish to connect.

So, say you walk into a bar where your friends are waiting for and you want to connect to the public Wi-Fi network of the bar, with this new feature, instead of having to ask for the password at the bar counter, you can simply ask one of your friends to share the Wi-Fi password by holding their phone near yours as a means to “transfer the password” directly onto your device and enable a connection.

For this exchange to be successful, both iOS devices must be unlocked, running on the latest operating system released by Apple, iOS11, if its an iPhone or an iPad, and macOS High Sierra, if it’s a computer. Also, at least one of the two devices participating in the exchange must have had to enter the password of the Wi-Fi network manually to connect to it.


How can Tanaza Wi-Fi customers leverage this iOS11 feature?

For SMBs with a public hotspot, creating a Wi-Fi network with a password may not always be the most efficient way to engage with their customers while also collecting data about their Wi-Fi users. If you are interested in leverage your Wi-Fi connection for marketing purposes, we encourage our clients to create Wi-Fi networks with a captive portal. The Tanaza captive portal enables our clients to facilitate Wi-Fi authentication through multiple social networks.

However, if you have no time or inclination in running marketing activities resulting from your Wi-Fi network, and instead would like to give free access to your Wi-Fi, we suggest you use Tanaza’s cloud-management licenses to create a Wi-Fi network with a password.

The advantage of using Tanaza to manage your password-encrypted networks is that you can create multiple networks, both indoor and outdoor with access points from different brands and manage them remotely from a single centralized dashboard.

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