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facebook wifiHere in Tanaza we know how important it is to have tools that are easy to use, and we know how the Ubiquiti UniFi family of Wi-Fi devices, including UAP, UniFi Long Range and UniFi Outdoor are appreciated: an essential design, good performance and a competitive price.

The problem until today is that it was complex to have a UniFi device cloud manageable. And it was impossible, without getting crazy among complex configurations, to easily setup a hotspot solution, especially if social login was required. Walled garden issues, dynamic DNS, … what a mess!

So, today we put these things together: it’s now possible to take any UniFi and empower it, adding Cloud Management as well as Social Login capabilities.

We prepared this short two minutes video to show how easy it is:

1. get any UniFi UAP, UniFi Long Range or UniFi Outdoor

2. use the Tanaza Flasher to make it cloud manageable

If you are interested in setting up a Social Login hotspot with your UniFI, providing Wi-Fi internet access via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, generating Likes, collecting user data… have a look at Tanaza Social Login, just released!


Give superpowers to your Ubiquiti AP!