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Spacious turns restaurants into co-working spaces with Wi-Fi network

by | Sep 9, 2016 | All articles, Public Hotspots, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Spacious is a NYC based startup co-founded by Preston Pesek and Chris Smothers that turns empty restaurants into co-working spaces with their own Wi-Fi network.

With more than 2.000 restaurants closed in the afternoon throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, NYC has a large capacity of extra space to offer. Spacious is a young startup that creates a business from this situation by renting restaurant spaces during the afternoon to people looking for a space to work. As most of these restaurants are usually closed until 6 p.m, when the restaurant space is not being used, Spacious transforms these empty spaces into the perfect workspaces. Spacious offers two kinds of passes for the workspaces: the unlimited access and the one-day access pass. The startup provides unlimited coffee, background music, managers that take care of the workers, free Wi-Fi networks in all locations.  

Of course, Wi-Fi is fundamental to Spacious’ success, as the internet is nowadays indispensable for workers. Spacious has to guarantee workers the access and the possibility to surf the web without any limits. Workers that come back to the same location multiple times are remembered by the network and automatically logged in, for a “Wi-Fi like at home” experience, that makes them feel like they are in their personal office space. 


Spacious also offers smart application services that facilitate simple tasks and allow workers to focus on what they are doing. Once a person is checked in with the host upon arrival, they can easily access the Wi-Fi network, receive a message when their guests arrive and when there is the last call for coffee.

Not to mention, it’s truly a win-win situation for all. Part of the revenue collected by Spacious is shared with the owner of the restaurant, and thanks to the popular workspaces this provides free advertising for the restaurant by making the location of the restaurant known and encouraging people to visit the location during restaurant hours.

Currently, Spacious has about 50 restaurants in its network, and this is only the beginning as the project is simple, smart, and easy to setup. Spacious is a smart example of why it is essential to deploy a Wi-Fi networks in public spaces, like restaurants and coworking spaces!


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