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The splash page can now be created or edited by final customers! This is a beta so, please… give us your feedback 🙂

This pre-released feature is super cool, especially for all the partners who want their customers to create, edit, manage and update their own splash pages, without any help.

Let’s see the most frequent use cases:

  • The partner creates a splash page (he’s the “owner”), that the end user is free to change / edit / update the splash page in real-time. The changes are immediately applied to all the SSIDs that use that splash page.
  • The partner creates a splash page, that the end user can only SEE (read only mode) or CLONE. In this case, applied changes do not impact the existing SSIDs and are saved only in the final customer’s account.
  • The final customer has 100% control over the splash page. He’s able to create new pages from scratch, share his templates with other people, etc.

See the video to see how this works>>


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