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Tanaza is pleased to announce a new advancement in cloud wireless management. Tanaza 1.7.0 is now released, adding the compatibility of four new Ubiquiti models to the portfolio: NanoStation2, PicoStation2, NanoStationM2, NanoStation Loco M2. Three TP-Link models have also been added: WA5110G, WA501G, WA901ND.  These devices can be now added and configured through our centralized web interface.

Do you want to control and manage a device that is not currently supported? Just let us know!

In response to requests from our users, we added Tanaza firmware for Ubiquiti to our roadmap. This will allow users to enjoy remote and centralized control of UniFi, NS2, NSM2, LOCO, PS2 without requiring to install a Tanaza Agent on a host at the customer premise.

If you are interested in receiving the Tanaza firmware to cloud control Unifi and other devices, write to info@tanaza.com.


Ubiquity TP link
nanostation resized 600  WA501G resized 600
 nanostationm2 resized 600  WA5110G resized 600
 picostation resized 600
 nanostationloco resized 600


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