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Simply Wi-Fi, a vendor independent wireless blog, nominated Tanaza for The Rudy Ruettiger Award

Source: SimplyWiFi

*** Rudy Ruettiger is most famous for the movie he inspired. At 5’6″ and 165 lbs., he was incredibly under-sized to play college football. However, his persistence payed off when he finally took the field for 3 plays with Notre Dame, in his senior year, and recorded a QB sack. Nobody thought he had it in him but he managed to surprise everyone. This award recognizes the company or product that managed to stick around despite the initial misgivings of industry bloggers.

My nominee: Tanaza. I remember writing negatively about Tanaza in the comments section of one of my own blog posts. Yet, Tanaza actively sought out challengers, presented at Wireless Field Day 3, and has changed some minds in the industry. They’ve carved out a nice little niche for themselves and don’t appear to be giving up the fight any time soon. ***

So, after an amazing 2012, we are glad to be here. This piece of video ends with “we’ll let you know…”. Well, 2013 will be the year of the answer, and we’ll keep fighting even harder to receive a good one by the “coach”, by the customers and by the wireless industry.

Enjoy all the other 2012 SIMPLY WI-FI AWARDS NOMINEES.