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In the previous months a lot of users complained about some issues related to Java, which made it complex to enroll the Tanaza Powered Access Points to the Tanaza Dashboard. It was also required to be in the LAN of the AP and the whole procedure took 3 minutes per each single AP. What a pain…

Well, with the latest release, Tanaza 2.0, we are happy to announce that all those issues are a thing of the past!

We thank all the Lead Users that complained and actively participated, providing relevant input to improve Tanaza. Thanks a lot.

Now, have a look at this quick video to see how easy it is to add an AP to your Dashboard to cloud manage it.

Here is a quick list of the improvements:

  • there is no more need to run a Java applet to add an AP: this means no more issues and no more strange alerts on different browsers. It’s all HTML based.
  • ability to add an AP from remote, even if the IP address has not been configured. You just need to know the MAC address of the device.
  • ability to add multiple APs at the same time.
  • no more need to setup the firewall to have ports TCP 8001 and TCP 8002 open: Tanaza now uses just one port which is TCP 8002. If anything goes wrong on that port, e.g. it’s closed, then the APs will try using port 443 TCP.
  • complete SSL encryption of the device-to-cloud communication.
If you can’t wait to try, just get a supported Wi-Fi AP here.