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The Highlands want to become the best connected region in Europe

by | May 3, 2017 | All articles | 0 comments

One year ago, in March 2016, the Scottish and UK government committed a £315m investment for Inverness and the wider Highlands area.

The investment done by the Scottish and the UK government aimed to improve transportation services in the Inverness and Highlands area as well as the digital connectivity.
About improving the digital connectivity of the region, the aim was to enhance the mobile phone and the broadband connections across the Highlands. The objective was clearly to enhance tourism by becoming the “best connected region in Europe”, according to Ms Davidson (Highlands Council Leader): 5% of the global investment has been dedicated to transform the Inverness Castle into a tourist attraction with the aim to boost the economy of the region. 

The Highlands wants to become the best connected region in Europe
Another example is the launch of the “Ness Wifi” on the 6 of February 2017, a free Wi-Fi service across Inverness city centre, providing access to fast, efficient internet connectivity. The first step of this project was to develop a Wi-Fi network with fast internet coverage in a pilot area (the Victorian Market, the Falcon Square and the surrounding streets).

If these new connected infrastructures, together combined with the transportation services brought positive results the the region, the Wi-Fi could be set up in other parts of the Highlands in the future.