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Though the White House may be one of the most coveted spots to live in Washington D.C, for its importance, size and many amenities, the unavailability of a good connection as a result of ‘Wi-Fi dead spots’ is a major letdown, and the Obama’s are not too keen.

4382137171_bc723327a6_m.jpgThe speed and reliability of a Wi-Fi connection can be affected by multiple factors and getting online can sometimes be tricky, no matter where you are. While this may not be a presidential emergency, a lack of Wi-Fi connectivity at home can be very irritating, especially for the Wi-Fi crazed members of the family. Unfortunately for the Obamas, the ‘Wi-Fi dead spots’ found throughout the White House have resulted in sketchy Wi-Fi connections. When discussing changes to help transition his successor, President Barack Obama stated that he plans to remedy the ‘shaky’ connection ASAP. 

Still, it seems that with the exception of a sketchy Wi-Fi coverage, an issue which can be readily fixed, life at the White House is pretty great for the Obamas.

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