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Free online courses are a good way to complete your knowledge or maybe, to learn the basics about Wi-Fi Networking. Free online courses are available from a variety of reputable organizations and experienced professionals, so there is no reason not to enjoy the following trainings and boost your skills!

Below you will find Tanaza’s selection of the top 7 free online course to help to improve your knowledge in Wi-Fi Networking.


  • Network systems technology

On this website, you will find courses about network systems technology, such as the components of a telecommunications systems and hardware (routers, modems, switches, and gateways), and computer networks and distributed processing. You have access to the materials for free for 5 days and then you can decide whether or not to pay for unlimited access to the courses.
The materials are in English.
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  • Eli the Computer Guy

This YouTube Channel is lead by a Network and Infrastructure Engineer that makes videos to teach the basics of computer and advises you on the best way to setup a network. You will find a lot of videos about Networking, web marketing, wordpress, HTML programming and so on.
All the videos are in English.
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  • Network King

This YouTube channel is for whoever wants to learn more about technology, and obtain a certification – the training videos cover almost all the major certifications in the world (like the CCNA). You will find videos in English about VLAN foundations, roadmapping, network fundamentals, etc. NetworKing came into being to bring quality training to students for free.
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  • Wireless Network Administrator

On this website you will learn the fundamentals of WLAN topologies, Wi-Fi access, MAC and WLAN architectures, troubleshooting and security. You will also learn about site survey tools, high throughput, BYOD and more.
The materials are in English and you need to create an account on the website to get the access.
You can also decide to pass the certification test.
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  • Free tutorials and preview

On this website, you will find tutorials and quizzes to strengthen your knowledge about telecommunications, data communications, IP, networking, VoIP, wireless and more. You simply need to create an account on the website to access to the materials. If you prefer, you can buy courses to study the material in more detail. Materials are in English.
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  • Wireless Signal and Wireless Network Interference

This website is full of tutorials about how to avoid interferences, how to provide wireless coverage, how to setup Wi-Fi roaming and so on.
Made by a team of independent consultants, the website offers also books, quick tips and industry news in english.
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  • Introduction to Networking

In this course, you will learn more about networking but the website offers you a lot of other introductory courses to various subjects, such as how to build a website, how to use WordPress, etc.
You can find all the materials online and use them as much as you want. The course is free and in English.
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Also Tanaza has its own YouTube channel with tutorials and features presentation! 

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