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This super-cool new feature allows partners to use a Tanaza Splash Page and an external splash page simultaneously, for guest access. This is useful for partners that must manage the authentication process for a specific set of users, or a database of members.

Let’s make some examples.

One of our partners, that manages the network for the franchisee shops of a famous apparel brand throughout all France, told us that he will use this feature to allow the users log in, alternatively, with their Facebook account or with their fidelity card number. Users with a Fidelity Card will then enjoy an enhanced user experience, as they will see discounts, promotions and customized info when connecting.

Another partner, a system integrator, is deploying a network for staff, students and visitors in an Australian school. This system integrator will use the Tanaza splash page to manage the visitors’ access, with Facebook or other social networks. Instead, students and staff will login though an external splash page with their badge number.


Release note: this is immediately available for all the Tanaza users with an all-in-one account.

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