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Why retailers should embrace Wi-Fi based omni-channel marketing

by | Mar 24, 2016

Why retailers should embrace Wi-Fi based omni-channel marketing


Retailers embrace real-time omni-channel marketing with a simple trade-off, user registration in exchange for a free, high-quality Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi technology has emerged as a valuable, evolving market for retailers to tap into. The industry’s peaked interest in the value of Wi-Fi is a strategic move to improve customer engagement by way of omni-channel marketing backed by a high-quality public Wi-Fi connection with cool features, such as roaming. 

The key to establishing a successful omnichannel marketing platform in the retail industry is a collaboration between marketing and IT. The Wi-Fi infrastructure, together with an omni-channel shopping experience, will provide businesses with an opportunity to engage with their in-store customers, discover more about their potential customers, enable operational tasks and measure the success of their services. The strategy of high-quality public Wi-Fi services already being already offered by many high street venues, especially in the UK.

Before Wi-Fi, there was little to no information being gathered by venue owners about their customers thus, impeding them from using user’s personal data to fully connect with their customers. Though loyalty cards are still a popular perk provided by businesses to their frequent and loyal clients, it’s a service with many limitations.While loyalty cards are mostly used to collect points and provide discounts with a purchase, it cheats the business owner from directly being able to interact with customers through a variety of channels, unlike Wi-Fi supported service platform such as omni-channel marketing.

On the other hand, the deployment of a public Wi-Fi infrastructure in a retail space is an opportunity for easy management of internal systems and direct marketing.  Wi-Fi provides a platform that allows retailers to collect user and personal data, which can be used for future marketing campaigns, and supports a personal communication channel between the business owner and the customer before and after a purchase.

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