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 If you use Tanaza, we allow you to manage multiple Wi-Fi access points through our Dashboard and cloud.  But, how do you keep them all organized and accessible?

Without the cloud, you would have to use either a think or thick access point management system.  But, with the cloud, you can manage your all your access points at different locations in one place.  If you already have access points with equipment, Tanaza is compatible with many devices.  Tanaza is configured with Google Apps which means you can monitor your access points through your Gmail and receive reports through Google Docs.  You can also save money by not buying expensive hardware.

With the cloud, gone are cluttering WiFi equipment in your offices.  Gone are the bundled cables taking up storage space and just confuse you every time your connection is lost.  Gone are the confusing multiple makes of your equipment and routers your IT manager has to work with. Now, you can be in charge of your WiFi access points or you can enlist the expertise of an IT manager.

If you are a small business owner and decide to get into the cloud, you will find lower costs, ease of use, hardware replacement when needed, and compatibility with your existing hardware.  To help you visualize this, we have created an interactive and short video.  Tanaza provides 24 hour management for system integrators and IT managers, alerts, remote management, and more functionalities available to you.