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This is why I personally love to work in the networking space.

Networks are intrinsecally cool (might sound very nerdy but I really think so). What I love more is the idea of putting something into a pipe and then, after a while (latency?!), seeing it coming out on the other side. It gives me some sense and feeling of magic. And it applies to any kind of network: it all started with water pipes when I was a child, later became electric power and electric small trains… now it’s IP packets over a cloud-based Wi-Fi. But the feeling remains the same.

Sometimes I receive pictures of the Social Hotspots deployed in some exotic place… maybe while I am answering to an email or writing a blog post like this, during a rainy day… in London let’s say. Well, when I see a picture like this, I feel again that “network coolness”, the idea that there is this pipe that connects me to someone somwhere, on the other side of the globe, who is enjoying a Wi-Fi network on a smartphone just in front of the see.

social hotspot

I hope that one day we’ll be able to put ourselves into these “pipes” and magically get there, just for a quick swim, to then come back… maybe with a fresh squeezed cocktail.

The picture represents one of the locations worldwide where one of our most exotic partner, SoftGroup in Dominican Republic , deployed a Wi-Fi Social Hotspot. We have also quite a lot more “boring” installations that we might have cited, but this one really triggered in me the “networking emotion” and the need to share.