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What you liked the most in 2017: WiFi articles and hottest topics!

by | Dec 20, 2017 | All articles | 0 comments

2017 is almost over, and we are ready to start 2018 with enthusiasm and motivation!
2017 has been an increasingly year for Tanaza as you have been more and more people to read our articles and to interact with us on our Success platform.

The Wi-Fi industry is growing and evolving in many sectors: Tanaza Partners work for schools, catering trade, hospitality, enterprise environment, smart city development, marketing agency and much more.

Below, we made the list of the ten articles that you liked the most and the hottest topics on our Success Platform in 2017.

The 10 best articles about Wi-Fi in 2017


WiFi disconnects on sleep mode, iPhone 6s / iOS devices? Problem solved!
>> Yes we found the solution for your iPhone 6s and its Wi-Fi problem! This article has been shared and read more than 78K times!


8 popular tools for DNS content filtering
>> This article is a list of the 8 best tools for DNS content filtering.
You have been more than 13.5K people to read it!


How to calculate your Wi-Fi bandwidth need
>> There is no good Wi-Fi network without a careful upstream preparation.
This article has been useful to more than 13K people.


The benefits of public Wi-Fi access on our society
>> As we said in the introduction, Wi-Fi is everywhere! In this article, we explain its benefits within our society. 12K people read it!


Wi-Fi stumblers complete list | Windows Mac Linux Android
>> Like the 8 DNS tools, we made a list of Wi-Fi stumblers for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android… useful for 10K persons.


The Pros and Cons of cloud-based software vs on-premise software
>> Cloud-based software is a revolution… more than 9K were convinced by this article.

The positive impact of WiFi on schools
>> Wi-Fi at school became a fundamental tool to boost the education sector. 8K persons agree with us!


Wi-Fi hotspots: pros and cons of every business model
>> Wi-Fi business models are many; you just need to find the one that fits for your project. This article helped more than 8K persons.


5 best network monitoring software in 2017
>> We like to make list in Tanaza, here find the one about the best monitoring software in 2017… already shared by 6K people.


Setting price for WiFi projects: value-based pricing and room-based pricing
>> A good pricing is one of the keys for success. 3K people read this article.

The hottest topics on Success.com in 2017


Solidarity and mutual aid are great! We are really happy when we see that our readers interact one with another and help us to improve Tanaza software. If you have any doubts, new ideas and just want to help another Wi-Fi professional, feel free to write on our Community page. Find below the list of the five hottest topics you talked about in 2017 on our Success Platform.