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This is a good approach that makes sense in this industry: prospects should always be able to completely test a solution before committing. Especially when talking about Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cloud-based WLANs.

xmsTHOUSAND OAKS, CA — (Marketwired) — 10/29/13 — Xirrus®, the leader in high-performance wireless networks, today announced a Try-and-Buy program that simplifies the process for prospective customers to evaluate Xirrus cloud-managed Wi-Fi access points with integrated application visibility and control.

The Xirrus Try-and-Buy provides access to a Xirrus Access Point and the next generation Xirrus Management System (XMS) Cloud service, which was released earlier this month. The new XMS-Cloud service allows both beginning IT administrators and experienced professionals to deploy and operate wireless networks with ease. The service is part of a suite of Xirrus Cloud Services created to address all phases of wireless network implementation, including design (Wi-Fi Designer-Cloud), deployment (Xirrus Mobilize) and management (XMS-Cloud).

Customers may register for a 30-day trial with no upfront cost or commitment. Upon acceptance, the customer receives a Xirrus Access Point and credentials for an XMS-Cloud account. Within minutes, the customer may begin to use XMS-Cloud and set up the wireless network configuration.

Once the customer receives the AP, turn up is as simple as plugging it in to a network with Internet access. The AP connects to the XMS-Cloud service, its configuration is automatically downloaded, and the wireless network is up and running. From that point, the customer can evaluate all aspects of the wireless network — including application performance, resource utilization, and manageability — using XMS-Cloud and from any location.

Xirrus provides a complete range of wireless solutions, extending from two to 16 radios, to address wireless user density requirements from low to ultra-high. All Xirrus XR APs and Arrays share a common feature set designed to provide robust wireless performance and future upgradability, including:

  • Software-programmable radios that support the fastest Wi-Fi speeds on all radios, not just on one radio as with traditional fixed APs. This enables wireless network migration over time to match client changes and improve performance.
  • Application Control, which boosts performance by optimizing wireless at the application level, via recognition and prioritization of over 1,200 applications via integrated deep packet inspection (DPI)
  • Integrated wireless controller in each AP and Array that reduces single points of failure in the network, eliminates potential choke points, and lowers costs