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Removing Cost and Complexity – That’s Why You Need Tanaza

You may have heard, Tanaza is on a mission to make networking easy for system integrators and small businesses. Our powerful and intuitive cloud-based service manages Wi-Fi access points with centralized service. We eliminate the cost and complexity of traditional on-site management for Wi-Fi access points.

Tanaza can manage distributed multi-site networks with access point provisioning, network-wide transparency and control as well as cloud-based optimization. Our innovative approach eliminates the need for an expensive, dedicated hardware controller. Tanaza’s super easy and intuitive browser-based interface allows you to configure your WLANs without training or dedicated staff.

With our most recent release of Tanaza 1.8, Tanaza allows for remote management of an expanded list of Wi-Fi access points. Wi-Fi access is so important today, many people actually choose a hair salon, car wash, restaurant and other small business establishments based on the ability to easily access the Wi-Fi network. For many organizations, managing the access points to make this possible is still time consuming and expensive.

Tanaza’s cloud-based centralized management of Wi-Fi access points allows point and click management without the expensive additional dedicated hardware controllers. With our tools, there’s no need to upgrade or replace existing Wi-Fi access points. With multi-vendor support, Tanaza can manage existing equipment and simplify management. The Tanaza Cloud can reach Access Points through an agent, smoothly installed onto a laptop or server within the user’s Local Area Network (LAN).

Specifically, through a web-based dashboard, system integrators can now easily perform tasks such as:

  • Configure SSID settings of many Access Points with one click;
  • Provide Wi-Fi access to our visitors by adding a temporary SSID to all access points with just one click;
  • Enjoy a simple centralized web user interface;
  • Monitor and configure access points, also remotely;
  • Create multiple SSIDs, such as public and employees, with different security settings.

Tanaza has partnered with industry titans such as Google and Amazon to deliver a scalable, reliable, and secure solution. Check it out and get a free account and unlimited service for two Access Points.