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WiFi is a powerful tool that marketing agencies can leverage to improve their business strategies regarding lead generation, social engagement and direct marketing.

Lead generation through WiFi

Marketing agencies looking for inexpensive channels to generate leads have found their solution: lead generation through WiFi. It is very simple and can be applied to any of your customers having physical locations (flagship stores, sponsored locations, etc.). By installing a WiFi network with a captive portal, people willing to access WiFi will provide their personal data, with opt-in for marketing usage. Data released includes, for example,  name and surname, age, location, gender, and any additional field which is requested in exchange for WiFi access.

The captive portal provided by Tanaza features multiple authentication methods, including access through email address or phone number, registration through custom forms, and social login. Social WiFi, which allows users log in to the WiFi network using their social network profiles – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – is a particuarly effective marketing-based tool that helps digital marketing agencies to get social engagement thanks to login flows. In fact, media agencies can leverage WiFi to encourage users to speak about a specific company, brand or service through a post on social media, or ask them to put a Like on a Facebook Page and/or register in the location with a Facebook Check-in.

With Tanaza, marketing agencies gather real and up-to-date insights about their customers’ clientele. The enterprises’ marketing managers also benefit from Tanaza, as they can better understand their customers and position their brand and services in a more effective way.

Lead generation through WiFi is extremely cost-effective as it has only fixed costs, not variable costs based on the number of collected leads. Marketing agencies using Tanaza register a CPL (cost per lead) under 0.10 cents for in-target consumer contacts.

Better qualified leads

Public guest WiFi access gives marketing agencies the unique opportunity to boost, in short time, the number users in their clients’ database. Lead generation is extremely quick: the more visitors the location has, the faster and cheaper WiFi lead generation is.

Marketing experts and consultants can also use WiFi marketing to boost the number of opted-in emails for newsletters, or to get more phone numbers for sales calls (phone numbers can be verified through an SMS token).

In crowded venues like shopping malls or during events, public WiFi is the best way to quickly generate hundreds of contacts for a client company and increase the awareness around their brand.

guest wifi
splash page editor

Increase inbound links

Marketing experts can leverage WiFi marketing to increase traffic on their website and obtain more inbound links. To do so, just add buttons linking to your landing page with the Tanaza Splash Page Editor. You can use your website page or your Facebook Page as a landing page and add a button that links to an e-commerce website, a TripAdvisor Page, or any other web URL. This way, you allow users to surf that website without connecting to the WiFi.

Also, you can create a custom landing page – including advertisements, banners, forms, etc – to redirect users to after they have completed the login process on the authentication page. As the landing page is designed by you or chosen by you, it can be totally customized with an unlimited number of advertisements.

Get more conversions

WiFi allows marketing and advertising companies to better understand their customers, their needs and their behaviour. Thanks to WiFi marketing, you can run real-time direct marketing campaigns, loyalty marketing campaigns and you can build a positive word of mouth (offline, online, on social media) around your brand.

Also, you can nurture your leads and fidelize them effectively, by sending the appropriate content and marketing messages while they’re in the right stage of the customer’s journey. Tanaza helps you generating more online and offline conversions thanks to its built-in advertising system, which allows you to show time-based banners or videos on your responsive and customizable splash page. Also, you can add ads with random or time-based rotation. This built-in feature allows your clients to track results of their ads, i.e. number of views, minutes watched on video ads, results of an image ad, etc.

While most advertising platforms work with a pay-per-impression, pay-per-click model, or a pay-per-action model, impressions on Tanaza’s advertising tool are totally free. This allows marketing professionals to build a network composed by multiple of access points, providing WiFi and showing targeted advertisements, with no additional costs for impressions, clicks or actions.

Analyse data

The Tanaza Dashboard helps marketing agencies analyse their public WiFi hotspot data and analyze them in relation with their customers’ KPIs (e.g. in-store presence data, revenue, number of sales receipts, shopper patterns and telesales performances). The Dashboard shows aggregated and per user data, i.e. gender, age, location. Also, it allows you to make queries, filter and export data to an external marketing tool you already use.

Furthermore, Tanaza features the “Push Notifications” API, that allows you to configure Tanaza in order for it to send  the complete list of clients logging into a network to any third party system.

Thanks to Tanaza Cloud Management, network administrators can share hotspot statistics with their customers while having full control of the network and access points.

analyze user data
email marketing with Mailchimp

Email marketing and automated triggers

Tanaza is natively integrated with Mailchimp and can automatically send your WiFi users’ list to a chosen Mailchimp list, for periodic or automatic e-mail marketing campaigns. By configuring the Mailchimp connector, marketing agencies will be able to automatically send the data of any WiFi user to Mailchimp, from that moment on.

Once users are added to your list, you can segment them using logic filters. For example, you can create a segment composed only by women, another composed by people using iOS devices, and another composed by people between the ages of 25 and 35. Thanks to Tanaza and Mailchimp, marketing professionals will be able to send newsletters and periodical messages to their customers, with nice templates and an easy-to-use reporting tool.

Chat with a Tanaza Business Consultant about your specific needs.

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