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WiFi for Offices

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Discover why WiFi hotspots and social WiFi hotspots represent a not-to-be-missed opportunity for your company.

Internet is a necessity

The Internet literally revolutionised the way companies work, communication is now easier than ever, information is shared in a blink of an eye and cloud applications for business management are proliferating. We have all faced an internet disconnections in the office and been stuck, unable to work. That is why having a reliable WiFi network in an office is something fundamental.

Build a reliable network infrastructure

Offices networks are challenging because of the concurrent users, the usage of the network and the many devices that will be connected to the WiFi.The network administrator has to think carefully about the bandwidth needs to fit the performances required. The choice of the hardware is really important too as the infrastructure will rely on access points. Tanaza supports a wide range of access points that can be used for this kind of deployment: indoor ceiling mountable access points that don’t take space on desks and can host many concurrent users. Tanaza usually advises its customers to choose access points like Ubiquiti UniFi gamma, the Ligo Waves Infinity series or devices from EnGenius. These wireless devices are perfect for an open space of 50 employees and meeting rooms.


One simple configuration and easy management

Tanaza is a multi-vendor software that features a centralised platform based on the cloud to manage WiFi network easily and remotely. With Tanaza, the network administrator has the possibility to restrict the number of devices per user, control the status of the access points in real-time, and receive automatic emails in case of troubleshooting. Managing a network becomes something really easy and scalable for the network administrator that has access to all kinds of settings right at his fingertips. When deploying a WLAN within offices, the network administrator can simply configure different SSIDs protected with a password. For example, the administrator can configure one SSID for the IT staff of the building and another one for the employees. Both require a password to access the WiFi.

Safe network with the Rogue AP detection

Tanaza also features Rogue access points detection to scans network and avoid intrusions.  The Rogue AP Detection feature detects any unwanted/unfriendly APs in a network and secure it. During the execution of the “Rogue access point” scan,  the access point stops transmitting a signal and insteads listens for signals coming from other wireless networks. This way, it can detect other devices transmitting a Wi-Fi signal. The scan results in a list of all of the SSIDs within the Wi-Fi coverage of the selected AP. The access point is able to check whether the AP transmitting an SSID is a Tanaza-powered AP, or not.


Keep the control on the Wi-Fi usage

Tanaza features a content filtering tool to control the WiFi usage and give the possibility to the network administrator to block the access to inappropriate websites. One typical configuration of a WiFi network for offices could be to block the access to all websites like pornography, violence, betting, online games, video streaming, etc. The Tanaza content filtering tool is flexible and permits the administrator to also block social media access for example from 9 am to 1pm, authorise it during the lunch break and block it again on the afternoon.

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