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Easy-to-use, multi-role software for paid Wi-Fi


The Tanaza Couponing System allows you to easily create, print and distribute vouchers for Internet connectivity.

You will be able to configure a coupon template and set the data limit, a quota limit, the duration, and other key metrics. You can also customize texts and how the coupon is printed.

Then, a front desk operator can easily print tens of unique coupon codes in seconds and distribute or sell them to your guests. The easy-to-use monitoring dashboard allows you to see in real-time if a coupon has been used or not.

Coupon codes can be customized, to give users a personalized passphrase to access the Wi-Fi network.

The IT admin can configure multiple-level roles. The capabilities of issuing vouchers, monitoring clients and see stats are singularly assigned to authorized people (such as front desk clerks, hotel managers, venue owners).


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Limit and control guest Internet access


The Couponing System allows you to limit guest accesses to your Wi-Fi network. For example, you can distribute Wi-Fi vouchers with limited download and upload quota, limited dowload and upload bandwidth, limited number of devices.

You choose the duration and the expiration date, and you can enable the “stop and resume” option.

Everything is under control.

Captive portal with multiple authentication methods


The Tanaza Splash Page already allows users to authenticate through social actions, or using their email, phone number, Facebook account, Google account, etc.
Unlike common software on the market, Tanaza allows you to add the coupon authentication and the social login to the same splash page, configuring a different session timeout for clients without a coupon. Thanks to this, the hotel front desk operator can give unlimited Wi-Fi to the hotel guests, while people at the hotel wellness center enjoy only 1 hour free Internet.