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Become a distributor - Tanaza is looking for distributors all around the world

Tanaza Classic is looking for distributors all around the world.

What is the Tanaza Classic distributor program?

Every month, over 500 MSPs and system integrators rely on Tanaza Classic “Access Point Selector” to find the best device for their WiFi deployment.

Tanaza Classic now wants to extend its “Selector” with links to professional e-commerce websites, so that it becomes easy to buy the access points, after having selected them.

Tanaza Classic distributors will be listed in the “WiFi E-commerce equipment”

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Advantages of the Tanaza Classic Distributor Program

  • Distributors listed in the “WiFi E-commerce” will be linked from our website and specifically, from the “Access Point Selector“, receiving referral traffic and contact from customers willing to buy WiFi equipment, in a specific area.
  • Distributors will have the possibility to sell hardware (access points) supported by Tanaza Classic together with Tanaza Classic licences.
  • Distributors will enjoy very low licences prices to resell them and get high margins.
  • Distributors will enjoy Tanaza Classic network and increase their number of opportunities.
Become a distributor - Tanaza is looking for distributors all around the world

How to become a Tanaza Classic Distributor?

There are just five requirements that WiFi equipment distributors should have to be listed in Tanaza Classic’s directory: 

  • Distributors should distribute at least 3 different models of compatible devices, listed here;
  • When specific versions of hardware are supported and others aren’t, the distributor should ensure that customers will be shipped the right device version;
  • They should have an E-commerce website;
  • They should not sell licenses for any competitors’ software;
  • Link back to Tanaza Classic website from your website.

Working as an hardware/software distributor

Distributors benefit from select price lists. They act as Tanaza Classic’s official distributors and are requested to put Tanaza Classic’s brand in the list of hardware/software brands they distributed, with a link to Tanaza Classic website. Distributors can sell licenses to MSPs, system integrators, etc. and they can eventually sell the opportunity to partially white label the platform.

NOTE: Distributors need to pass through a selection process to be accepted as official distributors.

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